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About the Director

Mrs. Amanda

Greetings and Welcome to The Manners Edge!​

As the Founding Director, I am so glad you are here! I'm sure you (like me) were searching for a solution to help your young person develop more confidence while adding a bit of finesse to the journey!

I searched everywhere--looking for a unique program to help my children see their value while (not changing them) but transforming them into responsible, knowledgeable & mindful young leaders. That is where the vision for a modern day type of “new school" of etiquette academy was born.

My name is Mrs. Amanda and I am thrilled to share this season of my life serving you!

A little about me is that I'm a Native of North Carolina,

I am Un-apologetically a "God Gal" (God has been super faithful through it all and I strive to honor Him in all I do). I am a devoted lover of my family & friends,

a humble servant to my community...and a sap for roller skating & ice cream!

 ...And yet & still a "total" work in progress!

Alongside being Certified as a Children's Etiquette Instructor (2019) &

a Certified Christian Image Consultant (2012)

I have over 15 years of experience in the field of education, corporate, non-profit & adolescent behavioral health. All these experiences have landed me in the perfect place--where I am right now--and I am SO excited to watch your etiquette scholar grow!  


Where did the vision for The Manners Edge come from?

The decision to create an etiquette academy came from my own experiences--trying to find my way. Through many bumps and bruises--low self-esteem and wrong turns, I  realized that I needed direction and as much as my mother loved and counseled me--there was only so far she could go to reach my inner most thoughts. I needed other women of influence who could also help me to navigate life in a non-judging yet humble way.

The earlier that youth are introduced to healthy confidence & proper protocol, the more assured they will be when transitioning from one environment to the next.

What experiences brought you to the decision that this type of specialty school was needed?

During undergrad, I had the opportunity to intern with a school system's marketing team.  I was taken out to lunch by the supervisor and I quickly felt like I didn't belong. I did not know what to do- how to eat, where to place my utensils or what to talk about. These moments can make or break a person's self esteem or even make a person question their seat at the table.

Rest assured--YOU BELONG! Having the proper skill set for different environments affirms you and makes your experiences more meaningful-- It also makes a person more mindful of helping make others feel comfortable as well.

As the years have evolved and the world of social media has taken the field of communication by storm, I truly have seen how easily our youth can lose their way and seek identity from what they see online and not by who they truly are. Both verbal and nonverbal communication is even more important than ever before. Communication is a huge component to engaging with people from all walks of life. In our current climate, a lasting impression can be first cultivated online and then transition to from face to face. Our youth must be prepared to understand the cause and effect of each decision they make and no matter whether the engagement is virtual or face to face.

"Education will open doors... but manners will always seal the deal! "

Etiquette is the gateway to new opportunities that are rightfully yours--you just have to tap into your inner confidence--and that's where TME comes in!

I'm excited to share all we have in store to support our youth and look forward to providing the tools needed to have the edge in life, protocol and leadership.


Thank you for allowing The Manners Edge to give your young scholar the EDGE she/he needs to walk confidently through life while making our world a kinder place.

What some happy etiquette scholar parents/caregivers &  students are saying:  

"My favorite part of the class was going to a restaurant and ordering my own food and learning how to use my utensils."

- Jr. Etiquette Scholar,

Class of 2020 | age 10

"Getting the Hygiene Kit was really cool. I feel better about growing up. I liked getting the mannequin head and learning new hairstyles."

- Jr. Etiquette Scholar

Class of 2020 | age  10

"I definitely loved the photo shoot!"

- Jr. Etiquette Scholar

Class of 2020 | age 9

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