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  • Do you have to be located in Greensboro to participate?
    As The Manners Edge - Academy is unique and unlike any other quality specialty shool in our state, we have opened the door to offer TME Academy to youth within the Triad area along with throughout North Carolina. We have interest from families as far as Eastern to Western North Carolina and accept our students on a first come first save basis. Our courses were created to be small and heavily customized with a ratio between 4:1 or 5:1 so overall we can keep the same quality program and offer the academy to all of our North Carolina residents.
  • If I feel the content is too mature for my student can I suggest joining a different level course?
    We try our best to match our scholars up with students in similar age and grade in effort to provide the necessary information in the most age-appropriate way. Prior to enrollment we request a TME Application to be filled out and we take the information given and customize each scholars characterisitcs, age/grade level and experiences to best fit the scholar. We will always honor the wishes of the caregiver/adult. If at any time the content appearts to not match the need of the student, we will review and allow the student to join the most appropriate age-level.
  • What COVID prevention measurements do you have in place?
    We take the health our our students and staff very seriously. We sanitize the areas and any items used the day before a class, an hour prior to the course and directly after. Etiquette Scholars are provided hand sanitizer upon arrival and throughout each session along with masks which are readily available at any time within the course. All participants must wear a mask while engaging in lessons--unless there is a moment for recording or pictures. If we are hosting part of a course outside (ie: a photoshoot, etc) we encourage each participant to wear their mask up until it is there opportunity to take a photo. If the students are over 6ft away from each other, we do allow participants to take off their masks for that time being. We provide 6ft. social distance onsite and will be moving into a larger space at the beginning of the 2021 year (within the same location). Temperature checks will be taken prior to entering our class space. Parents/caregivers must drop their child off at the front door and a staff member will bring them down at the end of the course. Note: We do allow parents to enter the training area (with a mask on) the first day as to make sure each parent/caregiver feels comfortable with the space and are assured their etiquette scholar is safe. All TME Applicant applications must be signed to confirm that TME is providing the most adequate precautions throughout the Etiquette Scholars' experience and is not responsible for any challenges or frustrations, or illness related to COVID.
  • Does TME offer Financial Assistance?
    We do not offer any financial assistance--however--upon request we may offer a payment plan to assist with providing a way to enroll in our program. We also offer a sibling savings of $50 off the 2nd and $25 off of any additional sibling enrolling & attending TME. (For TME Scholar Academy Only--This does not apply to Summer Camp).
  • What happens if my scholar has to miss a course? Do I receive a refund?
    Due to the nature of the academy and the prep time needed to customize, provide and submit mailings/packages for each course, we do not issue refunds-- However we know how important a quality experience is to the student as well as to their family members/caregivers. the Director will work very hard to accomodate the day that was missed. The etiquette scholar would still be provided the content and resources given on that day. TME provides the Academy schedule in advance of upcoming events in hopes to eliminate scheduling conflicts. We will do our best to provide the content needed to be completed at home or we will seek to find a date and time that will work best to try and re-schedule a session.
  • Is the TME curriculum faith-based or character based?
    The TME curriculum is based on a character based format. If the parent/caregiver prefers a faith-based curriculum-we provide customization to the content to offer programming and resources which allow the etiquette scholar to be provided valuable content within a faith-based manner. We believe kindness, civility, & mindfulness are important pillars regardless of format and we strive to show love and reflect our values through our actions and less by our words.
  • Does TME enroll both boys and girls?
    At the moment, we currently offer our Etiquette Scholar Academy primarily to girls--however we plan to host lessons and workshops specific to boys as well. Our dining course is open to both boys and girls and will be marketed accordingly. Our etiquette lessons will be acknowledged and marketed as the following: for girls only for boys only or co-ed
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