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Program Levels

  • Mini Level​

    • Grades K-2nd

  • Jr. Level  ​​

    • 3rd-5th grade

  • Elite Level 

    • 6th -8th grade

Enrollment Semesters

  • Fall & Winter (Oct - Dec)

  • Spring (Feb - May)

  • Summer (June & July)

  • Etiquette Express Academy Sessions (weekend-only)


Course Descriptions

2024 Schedule   & Enrollment Coming Soon!

General   Course   Curriculum Description

Courses offered at age appropriate level


Social Girl in A Media World

Providing girls with the tools to support greetings & introductions, verbal & non verbal communication, basic salutations, elevator speech, cell phone & social media etiquette, and knowledge/application of writing & sending letters. Each scholar will be provided a "Social Sophisticate" - Starter Kit to take home with resources to apply their new skill sets immediately!

Little Girls to Little Ladies

This curriculum provides additional education on first impressions and a positive self image. Scholars will go over basic hygiene to include -- skin care, hair care, nail care, hand-washing, dental care, nutrition, overall wellness and will be provided a hygiene kit to kick start their wellness journey. Scholars will be introduced to the difference in healthy and unhealthy hygiene habits while creating a plan to make sure scholars are prepared to take their self care seriously. Age appropriate make up & skincare provided for advanced level courses.


Lights, Camera...CONFIDENCE

Who doesn't love representing their best self?  This session is all about self confidence and the importance of reflecting value from the inside out. Scholars will learn about their values and how to reflect respect for themselves and others through their attire. Scholars will learn about color, layering, accessorizing and will host a fashion photo shoot in the attire that makes them feel most confident while learning how to enhance their image for the camera in a fun and 

age appropriate fashion .


Dining Delight 

One of the most popular sessions will provide youth with the grand experience of dining in a fine-dining restaurant while learning the specific table settings, eating utensils, appropriate conversations, and manners in a public setting. Scholars will be prepared for big holiday events and celebratory festivities.



(Greater Than My SELFIE)

Etiquette scholars will take a deep look into defining and developing healthy confidence beyond the status quo of the outer exterior (ie. Their SELFIE) and focus on their inner values and self-confidence. Youth will identify their own story and create pieces of art that helps them define who they are in a meaningful way. This course will provide youth with a take home art piece and a "personalized" Confidence Kit.


Par-TEA s...Dancing and Pearls...Oh My!

This session will provide our etiquette scholars with the chance to host their own tea party and learn the basics of tea & party etiquette. Etiquette scholars will create invitations, engage in a gift giving & accepting activity and learn a number of social dances and much more.

Of course, no party is a true party without cake followed by their

graduation from TME Academy.

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