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The Inspiration

A Tribute to   My Mother ...In Honor of Motherhood

and dedicated to all  of the unspoken Women of Influence


The final gift that my mother shared with me was the gift of time. As her days on this Earth were cut short, she gifted me the beautiful memory of a tea party shared with my children and sister.  She believed in the importance of making every moment with the ones you care for worth remembering--I decided to continue on this sweet legacy through offering etiquette lessons to preserve leaving a lasting impression to those we encounter on a daily basis. The Manners Edge is a tribute to the woman who left the most amazing imprint on my life.

--"My sweet children, I hope that each of you know that you are loved just as you are and you are worthy of love just as you are. You can dream big and do whatever you set your mind to--while still leaving a beautiful lasting impression on those around you. Always keep Matt. 6:33 at the forefront of your decisions and you will be just fine."

Thank you to every woman who took the time to be apart of my village--from Grands, to God-Mothers, to Aunties & the many beautiful souls who continue to hold our hands and tell us... "Yes, YOU can," "Yes, YOU will," "Yes, YOU are Enough"... This is dedicated to you!

 In memory of my mother --Verna (2015)

In honor of my precious children--

I love you so much and always will!

What some happy etiquette scholars say:  

"I like how we have "Verna's Tea House" every time we meet! We get to try different types of tea and have yummy treats!"

- Jr. Etiquette Scholar

Class of 2020 | Age 10.

"I learned how to properly use my utensils and how to eat soup the correct way. I enjoyed it. It was fun."

- Jr. Etiquette Scholar

Class of 2020 | Age 12

"We learned where to put the knives, and the forks and the spoons...Oh! And the food was really good!

"- Jr. Etiquette Scholar

Class of 2020 | Age 9

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